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How Communilife came about and how it can help local businesses

Hi Guys

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about Communilife, a not-for-profit organisation, and the journey we have had to get to our launch project. I hope you wind find it interesting.

At the start of 2020 I was approached by a friend asking if I would be interested in helping develop a new concept web app aimed at helping everyone in every local…


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No SPAM thanks - we're all grown-ups here!

We're a friendly bunch here on Networking in Surrey - but we don't welcome SPAMMERS!

Some of our Members received a message from a newly posted Profile that was clearly SPAM, and thankfully let me know straight away. First, here's what the message looked like:

Clearly drivel - but also a waste of every body's time, including the SPAMMER…


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What's on Networking in Surrey this week...


Yet again we start a New Year in a state of flux, unsure of how things are going to pan out.

Some industries and sectors are under severe pressure and have seen their markets decimated. This will doubtless have…


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URGENT! Time's running out - Govt-funded Kickstart Scheme - apply by 17 Dec - plus FREE event!

Serious about growing your business, and looking for NEW staff??

FREE Open Event about the Kickstarter Scheme! - Delivered by the DWP (Department of Work & Pensions)…


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Top Tips for Exhibitors

Top Tips for Exhibitors

With the Chamber’s Business Expo coming up in October, we have again been looking at how our exhibitors can make the most of their stands. Exhibiting at shows can be a great way to get your business in front of hundreds of local businesses in just one day and typically at the same cost as an advert in your local newspaper. It should therefore be a simply way to engage with your customers and build your…


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FREE LinkedIn Tip #26 - Adding a photo,graphic or video to a Post...

LEARN2LOVE LinkedIn - Today's FREE Tip from Keith...

Sharing valuable content on LinkedIn is a great way to help others and demonstrate your expertise - a win-win way to get yourself noticed and respected by your networking connections.

HOW TO ADD A VISUAL - Photo, Graphic or Video - to your LinkedIn Post:

  1. Go to your Home Page on LinkedIn and at the top you'll see 'Start a post'.  I…

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The Top 5 Mistakes Made When Networking (And How to Avoid them)

Business networking is a fantastic way to grow your business - if you're reading this, there's a good chance you already understand that. There are a lot of ways to get the most from networking.. and a few to avoid to maximise the results of your efforts. Here are my top 5 networking misnomers and some suggestions on how to avoid them. Of course there is no "one size fits all" approach, but here are some thoughts to ponder:

1. The Business Card "thrust"…


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How do you hold on to staff, in a tight market?

People are our most precious resource, people don’t work for money - they follow leaders, we have all heard this for years.  It is one of those things that is not a new concept.

What is new - is the sudden reopening of the UK economy has meant that the surge…


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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the Rest and Digest System

We are so very grateful to have a such a thriving therapy and hypnotherapy practice in our home-town of Farnham….but unfortunately that can also means things like our studio blog and social media posts appear to be somewhat neglected!…


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Enhance Your Social Media and Marketing with Canva

Enhance Your Social Media & Marketing With Canva

Which Social Media Platform To Post On?

It's a pretty busy, crowded, noisy virtual space out there in social media land. Where do you tend to lurk?  Diluting yourself across too many platforms can be exhausting (believe me I’ve been there), especially when you aren’t clear on your marketing message and where your ideal clients hang…


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It's a No-o-o Brainer... LinkedIn4Networkers!


Networking event Organisers get very excited about attendee numbers - ‘Great meeting – 45 in the room today!’ (45 Elevator Pitches? NO THANKS!)

They’ll NEVER match the 700 MILLION at the Global LinkedIn Meeting, running 24/7/365 -and


‘Transactional Networkers’ complain they never meet ‘senior corporate decision-makers’ out…


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Happy New Normal! My Predictions for Networking in 2021...

My last What's On Bulletin of 2020...Signing off for 2020 – and looking forward to an exciting New Year ahead in Networkland... 

First, I wish all you lovely 2,300+…


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What is a fractional CMO?

You may already have a Marketing Manger or a Marketing Director, but to hire someone at CMO level, someone with 20 years marketing experience, is going to cost you an average of £100,000 in salary. 

That’s nearly £400 every working day, before all the additional costs of employment.

But how many days a month is that CMO really adding that level of value?

For many businesses, it’s better to employ that person just for a few days every…


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Why Culture Matters

“You’ll never be able to define the culture here.”

So said a senior executive to me at a former employer of mine. I took it as a challenge: he’d laid down the gauntlet, I wanted to be able to define it.


Because I’d been brought in to the business in a newly formed Head of Talent role. It was my job to devise…


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Could an eCommerce store improve your current web visibility?

During the lock down I have been looking at companies that have succeeded. In this new reality companies that have embraced digital have been really successful – those that have not embraced online are suffering.

It got me thinking – how many companies aren’t online? How many are on-line but with a poor website – or not accepting payments. Or accepting them in a bad way.

It surprised me. Less than two thirds of UK small business have a website.…


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The New Normal – virtual contact centre for Citizens Advice Bureau

At the beginning of the virus lockdown, Sutton CAB had a problem of how to keep their contact centre up and running.

CEO Steve Triner asked the contact centre staff if they would be prepared to work from home taking calls on their mobile phones.  Most of the contact centre…


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Has your LinkedIn Profile Frozen to Death?


When did you last update your LinkedIn Profile? (Please don’t say ‘ages ago’ – or ‘no idea’!)


It’s for LIFE! Your Profile - ‘the website of…


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Hats off to LinkedIn for the New Name Pronunciation Feature...


...for the NEW ‘Name Pronunciation’ feature – BUT it may clash with another NEW feature (for the solution, read on)...


...would smell as sweet (Romeo & Juliet Act II Scene 2) but getting somebody's name wrong rarely smells…


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OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams

Confused?  Want to know what each of these tools do?  Then read on….


Working with one of my clients recently, it became clear to me how confusing it is to get your head around these products, what they do and what you should use for what.  Cue great blog post idea!

In my latest blog,  I have explained what…


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Guildford SEO / Digital Marketing Meetups

In 2020 and I are aiming to launch Guildford SEO.

It's a non-profit network / meetup of digital marketers in the Sussex / Surrey / Hampshire / London areas, with…


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