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MyTeam Mastermind - maybe one day all networking will be this good...


MyTeam is not your average business networking group - even more important now that Networkland has changed forever!

Our mantra is 'Engage - Share - Support - Collaborate!' reflecting the stages of development a great networking relationship naturally follows.

Notice that 'Sell' is not included in the Mantra (or our meetings) There's no pitching allowed (not even a 60-second 'enervator' Pitch)! This allows the real human being to step out from behind the 'reluctant salesperson' façade and be true to themselves, and therefore to the Team. 

It's amazing what happens next... come and join us to discover the transformation!

AGENDA – LIVE IN-PERSON MASTERMIND     19 / 04 / 2022    Find out more - click here... 

(Timings Approx)



Informal networking as you order and pay for lunch individually (get a receipt). Please take a seat at the Table. TeamHost opens the meeting, and welcomes guests. 




Tweet’n’Greet  - no time-wasting one-minute pitches (Ditch the Pitch!)

We all say who we are and what we do in one sentence (aim for 140 characters – up to 25 words) - we don’t actually need sixty seconds.  





Buddy Scramble

You’ll be matched with a Buddy in our facilitated 1-2-1 linkups. Your mission is to arrange  a 1-2-1 (live or online by agreement) with your Buddy in the next 2 weeks. This is a fundamental MyTeam advantage point – all will be explained!




Biz Topic

RoundTable Topic4Today: 

 MASTERMIND SESSION - the most powerful networking format on the Planet (allegedly)! Each attendee can submit an issue or challenge they are facing in their business for the Team to brainstorm, and we choose by vote who gets to sit in the HotSeat. We then follow the MyTeam Q&A formula to and come up with ideas and advice to address the issue.  You are welcome to put forward your challenge, or just contribute to help your TeamMate.

It’s a game-changer – and fun! - and everybody gains - win-win-win!



Next Topic

Topic4Tomorrow – TeamVote

We vote for a Topic for the next meeting, including the option to ‘carry over’ today’s Topic (in this case, another Mastermind ).








Commit2Do, Testimonials & Referrals

We go round the table, and if you wish you can commit (to yourself) to tackle a business or personal goal, with timescales. This is when you also pass on any referrals you have for any TeamMember (perhaps as a result of a 1-2-1) – please mention any already passed. You may want to thank any TeamMember who has helped you recently, or share news of an ongoing or successfully completed project .




Meeting Ends  - Buddies please connect by end of play tomorrow to fix up your 1-2-1 and get together before the next meeting...  Have fun! 

Please check the Networking in Surrey listings for upcoming MyTeam meetings - usually first and third Tuesdays of the month...

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