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How Communilife came about and how it can help local businesses

Hi Guys

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about Communilife, a not-for-profit organisation, and the journey we have had to get to our launch project. I hope you wind find it interesting.

At the start of 2020 I was approached by a friend asking if I would be interested in helping develop a new concept web app aimed at helping everyone in every local community in the UK.

The idea was to create ‘Something for everyone’. Marketing for local businesses and an incentive for local people to use them to help boost the local economy. Raising money for local charities and much more. Having spent many years volunteering, working, and living with disadvantaged in Cambodia it was something I jumped at.

We spent many a long hour discussing how best to approach this, what would make it attractive to business partners and members. I won’t tell you it was a smooth ride; the current model has changed dramatically from the original idea. I truly believe we now have that something for everyone.

We are launching in Surrey right now and intend to expand over the whole of England starting early 2022. Then we will also look to expand over the rest of the UK as quickly as we can.

Let me tell you how this can help your businesses, firstly we have a business directory for all our members to search, Sign up for businesses is free of charge and comes with the added benefit of direct marketing through our website, e- magazine, social media marketing and our Facebook forums as well as the opportunity to feature in our printed quarterly magazine that will have a first-year circulation of 94,000 and a readership of 235,000. In addition to this our e-magazine will be available to 28 million air passengers via the in-flight entertainment and a further 2m business hotel users through their media facilities.

You may be asking yourself; how can they do this? Well firstly we are not-for-profit. All our profits will be used for donations to local good causes and helping new business start-ups. We also include a monthly prize draw for our members. On top of that for every personal member sign-up we will plant a tree, part of our commitment to being carbon negative.

Each County will have a dedicated Facebook page, which we will monitored by our local Community Manager to ensure it stays friendly and inviting. We have a very stick code of conduct for this. Businesses are encouraged to let members know about new offers, sales, special events etc. There is nothing like direct marketing.

We will also be offering commission free house sales and our Business partners can take advantage of this along with our free job vacancy section.

Also, as an incentive to our Personal Members we will have some exciting offers from our Trusted National Business Partners. We encourage our Business Partners to also sign up as Personal Members too, that way they too can take advantage of all the Communilife benefits.

If you want to read more please visit the website  

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